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Doug Richards on Steve Polk Plaza

March 30, 2009

Doug Richards was a tv reporter in Atlanta for over twenty years.  He now runs a full-service production company and also writes a funny and insightful blog about Atlanta tv news.  In this segment, he talks about the Steve Polk Plaza and its connection to local tv news.


Ponce de Leon Avenue and ballpark

March 18, 2009

In 1983 George Mitchell published an amazing book of documentary photographs of the people and places of Ponce de Leon Avenue.  His book is unfortunately now out-of-print, but used copies can be located online.  In this video, George talks about working on this book project and compares Ponce of the early 80s to today.

This video blog will typically feature material I’ve shot, but occasionally I’ll showcase an archival footage gem.  The following short excerpt is from a local television program that aired in the early 80s called “A Day in the Life of the Colonel,” in which Col. Bruce Hampton takes the viewer on a highly unusual tour of Atlanta.  I found this footage while working on a (never completed) documentary on Bruce.  In this excerpt, Bruce delivers a poignant monologue about the old Ponce de Leon ballpark.  He is standing in an overgrown field where the park used to be and where the Whole Foods shopping center is now located.