Doug Richards on Steve Polk Plaza

Doug Richards was a tv reporter in Atlanta for over twenty years.  He now runs a full-service production company and also writes a funny and insightful blog about Atlanta tv news.  In this segment, he talks about the Steve Polk Plaza and its connection to local tv news.


4 Responses to “Doug Richards on Steve Polk Plaza”

  1. Rob Says:

    Well done. He’s great, and I’m excited to watch more and more of these pieces. Honestly, it makes me much much much more interested in going to Atlanta, as my sense of “place” got so skewed there, that I fled to New Orleans and now to Athens, GA, where I can view Atlanta from my grumpy buzzard’s nest. Soon, I will swoop in and land wherever the blog inspires me to go. Love the site!

  2. Tim Merritt Says:

    Love the site – keep telling Atlanta stories!

  3. Terry Kearns Says:

    Steve Polk Plaza is a place where an Atlantan would only go once as part of his Coca Cola visit. Or in worse times, see it across the street while on a dread visit to the courthouse. So who is Steve Polk?

  4. Mel Yobst Says:

    Thanks so much I really learned a few good things by stopping by here this afternoon.

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