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Steve Earle on Clarksville, Townes, and Heartworn Highways

June 21, 2009

In the past couple months, I’ve done some video interviews for my friend Mara Davis’s blog.  Mara has graciously offered to ask a couple questions during each interview that could potentially be used for Downhome Traces.  Doing this has made me realize that I want to avoid pigeonholing this blog into being exclusively about Atlanta.  I’d rather it be more generally about history and places, most of which are connected to Atlanta and are often revealed through films, photographs and other visual traces.

In this segment Steve Earle discusses the scenes in the documentary film Heartworn Highways (1981) that feature Townes Van Zandt.  Earle talks about Clarksville (the section of Austin where Townes lived) and how Townes “stole the movie” by playing directly to the cameras.  Earle has a new record out that features the songs of Townes Van Zandt.


Mapping Atlanta #1

June 5, 2009

Danny Feig-Sandoval runs a design-build remodeling company in town.  A couple years back, while working in the attic of a home in Candler Park, he discovered an old map of Atlanta from 1892, which the homeowner let him have.  In this segment, Danny discusses some details of this map, especially the fact that many of Atlanta’s creeks and streams were covered and run underground starting in the late 19th century.

—Thanks to Cory Feig-Sandoval for shooting and editing assistance with this video.