Oakland Cemetery 16mm

I realized that I had some unused reels of black and white 16mm film, so I decided to go to Oakland Cemetery and do some old-fashioned shooting on celluloid.  The cemetery is probably one the best places in town to bring a camera.  The graves and old trees are beautiful and moody, and it’s all surrounded by great Atlanta sights (downtown, CSX rail lines, the Fulton mill, etc.).

The underlying music is an excerpt from the song “What a Day May Bring,” taken from Slang’s 2001 release The Bellwether Project, a record that my brother and I helped produce.


3 Responses to “Oakland Cemetery 16mm”

  1. Ryan Murray Thompson Says:

    Steve, this is wonderful. The music is perfect and you actually got a great shot of my father’s family plot where my relatives are buried. Thanks for this gem.

  2. Sandra Petersen Says:

    I came across this video on Twitter. Nicely done! There must be several Oakland Cemeteries across the United States. There’s another one in St. Paul, MN, that is the oldest public cemetery in the Twin Cities Metro area. I really liked the back drop of the newer sights of Atlanta with the gravestones in the foreground. Nice effect and very good music.

  3. katie Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who adores that place! Yesterday was finally sunny so I took my camera straight to the cemetery. It really is absolutely amazing there.


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