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Driving with the Doctor #1

August 28, 2009

The esteemed Dr. Bethune Workman takes us on a driving tour from Midtown to Downtown.


Vintage Atlanta tv commercials #1: Plaza Drugs

August 25, 2009

There are a ton of old tv commercials on YouTube, but they’re generally not locally specific.  I’d like to start assembling vintage Atlanta tv commercials in a series for this blog.  Vintage is an arbitrary term, but let’s just say anything produced before 1990.  I certainly need help locating these commercials.  If there’s an old Atlanta tv spot on YouTube (or some other video sharing site), please post the URL in the comments section and I’ll embed it on the site.  If you have a copy of a commercial on disc, tape, or film and need some help digitizing and uploading it to the web, I’d be willing to assist.

The first video in this series is a commercial for the old Plaza Drugs on Ponce de Leon Avenue (in the first post of this blog, George Mitchell discussed Plaza Drugs).  From the clothing and the look of the film stock, I’m guessing this commercial was produced in the late 60s or early 70s.

Mapping Atlanta #2

August 21, 2009

Four years ago I produced a short video with Jack Berry, who helps run a topographical mapping company.  Jack was hired to make a map of a ten acre tract of land in west Cobb County, and I followed him as he obtained four GPS points around the county.  As he explains in the video, his map compilers combine the GPS points he gathers with an aerial photograph to produce the detailed topographic map.  This segment reveals the rapid pace of development in Cobb County in the past two decades.

Marking History in Atlanta

August 15, 2009

Vic Chesnutt and Panic in Dave Schools’s basement

August 5, 2009

In September 2000 the Hanson brothers asked me to come to Athens to help shoot a segment for their documentary The Earth Will Swallow You about the rock band Widespread Panic.  I was happy to do so because the shoot featured Vic Chesnutt, who has collaborated with members of Panic for a couple of records under the name brute.  I brought my 16mm camera and shot some little fragments of the guys playing and hanging out.  I didn’t think the Hansons would use much of what I shot because it was raw and they had the action covered with a bunch of DV cams, but my footage ended up comprising a big chunk of the Vic Chesnutt segment.

For what it’s worth, there’s a really great documentary called Speed Racer that documents the early part of Chesnutt’s career, and it looks like this film will soon be released on DVD.