Marking History in Atlanta


5 Responses to “Marking History in Atlanta”

  1. A few Atlanta history links | Rusty's Blog Says:

    […] wondered how many historic markers are in Georgia, and how many of those are Civil War-related? Downhome Traces has you […]

  2. Terry Kearns Says:

    Let’s get a grant and get started. I think the hunger for history gets more intense with distance, when the history is hard to recover. I can stand the Civil war plaques, there aren’t many monuments. 15,000 casualties for the Battles of Peachtree Creek and Atlanta and 4000 more at Kennesaw Mountain and that’s not all. Serious business that should haunt us a bit.

  3. Ralph Says:

    The CW markers were not placed because of the racial tensions in Georgia and Atlanta at the time. They were put up by the Georgia Historical Commission in anticipation of the Civil War Centennial in 1961. I once supervised the State Historic Marker program. The State Historic Markers are overseen by the State Parks Division.

    • stevebransford Says:

      Perhaps I’m wrong about some of the impulses that led to the erection of the CW markers in the 1950s, but there were, on a more general level, links between resistance to integration and the resurgence of interest in Confederate memory during this period.

  4. M. H. Says:


    An interesting idea … thought you might like to know what some folks at the U. of Texas-Dallas are doing along these same lines.

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