Vintage Atlanta tv commercials #1: Plaza Drugs

There are a ton of old tv commercials on YouTube, but they’re generally not locally specific.  I’d like to start assembling vintage Atlanta tv commercials in a series for this blog.  Vintage is an arbitrary term, but let’s just say anything produced before 1990.  I certainly need help locating these commercials.  If there’s an old Atlanta tv spot on YouTube (or some other video sharing site), please post the URL in the comments section and I’ll embed it on the site.  If you have a copy of a commercial on disc, tape, or film and need some help digitizing and uploading it to the web, I’d be willing to assist.

The first video in this series is a commercial for the old Plaza Drugs on Ponce de Leon Avenue (in the first post of this blog, George Mitchell discussed Plaza Drugs).  From the clothing and the look of the film stock, I’m guessing this commercial was produced in the late 60s or early 70s.


2 Responses to “Vintage Atlanta tv commercials #1: Plaza Drugs”

  1. Plaza Pharmacy Commercial « Says:

    […] Thanks to pecanne log’s Twitter feed, I was able to find this awesome commercial for Atlanta’s Plaza Pharmacy on Downhome Traces. […]

  2. Dale Russell Says:

    Love your blog. Loved this commercial. As a child, I always thought the Plaza logo was an Indian headdress. Go figure. We sat at that counter many an afternoon eating at Plaza. As for never closing, I can still remember 3:00 AM drop ins for some quick remedy to all night partying. The place is a true landmark.

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