Atlanta’s Bygone Music Venues #2: Freddie Terrell talks about the Soul Expedition Club at Underground

As far as I know, The Soul Expedition Club, located at Underground from 1971 until 1974, has the distinction of being the only major music club in the city to be owned and developed by a prominent Baptist preacher.

Freddie Terrell’s band played every Sunday at Dr. W.J. Stafford’s Free for All Baptist Church on Lynhurst in Southwest Atlanta and also backed Stafford’s 1971 LP Drop Drugs…Get Hooked on Jesus.   Terrell suggested to Stafford that the band have their own club so that the various members wouldn’t have to go on the road constantly to make a living and thus miss their weekly church gig.  Stafford obliged by buying a space in Underground, transforming it into a music club, and naming it after Terrell’s band, a funky rhythm and horns ensemble.  The club was immensely popular for several years, especially with locals.

Several years ago, my friend Matt Miller interviewed Freddie Terrell about his musical career, especially the years he fronted the Soul Expedition band.  I operated the camera during this interview.  Matt’s full interview with Terrell can be found in the April/May 2007 issue of Wax Poetics.


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