Better Know a Neighborhood #4: Midtown

This is the last in the series of four videos that Drew Kane and I produced for the upcoming CNU conference, and it focuses on the high density sections of Midtown along Peachtree and Piedmont.   Thanks to Shannon Powell from the Midtown Alliance for providing insights about Midtown’s development history and for highlighting some of the Alliance’s various initiatives over the past decade.

As I said in a previous post, I think it would be valuable to produce a whole bunch of these Atlanta neighborhood video vignettes.  These could be for both Atlantans and non-Atlantans, and the focus wouldn’t have to be just on development issues but could include historical, cultural, and environmental aspects as well.  Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce could use these for promotional purposes, the Beltline organization could use them to highlight the forty-five neighborhoods along the path, or maybe they could simply be valuable as snapshots of particular places at a moment in time.  I’m not well versed in the ways of grants or fundraising, but if anyone has any ideas about this, let me know.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.


4 Responses to “Better Know a Neighborhood #4: Midtown”

  1. christa t Says:

    If you do get funding, I want to be the new Drew.

    • stevebransford Says:

      Even before he was set to move, I was itching to replace Drew. He’s a real impediment. Now that he’s gone, I can start making some decent videos.

  2. Jeannie Weller Cooper Says:

    Here’s a practice video from when I first got Premiere – love the neighborhood video idea.

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