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Map of 4th Ward from 1878

August 26, 2011

My colleague Kathy Hayes and I worked with some of Emory’s library staff to put a collection of Atlanta maps from an 1878 atlas up onto Emory’s new digital gallery.  Check out this map of the 4th Ward.  While many of the streets have different names today, it’s interesting to note how much is still intact over 130 years later, including Irwin and Randolph streets and the rail line that now forms the Beltline.  There are currently 176 maps from the MARBL collection up on the Emory digital gallery, and many more will be added in the coming months.


Camera phone footage of gloATL’s “Liquid Culture” performance in Little Five Points

August 12, 2011

On July 15, gloATL held the third performance in their “Liquid Culture” series in front of and sometimes within the storefronts of Little Five Points.  Several local writers wrote articles that focused on the Little Five Points performance, especially because a bystander in a day-glow yellow vest, who was presumably pretty drunk, continually tried to upstage and interrupt the dancers with his own form of street dancing and chanting.  While I certainly don’t condone the sexually aggressive taunts he made to some of the dancers, I found it interesting that his interruption of the performance and the subsequent attempts by friends of gloATL to cordon this man off became the performance itself.