Chuck Leavell performs “Honky Tonk Women” with Gov. Sonny Perdue on cowbell

About five years ago, my friends at Hibbotte and I filmed a show by my father-in-law Chuck Leavell at a beautiful old theater in Hawkinsville, Georgia.  For the song “Honky Tonk Women,” Chuck was joined onstage by the sitting Governor Sonny Perdue, who agreed to play cowbell on the song.  As you can tell from the video below, the Governor’s cowbell skills are not exactly top notch.  The footage from this concert was never posted and, like a lot of other stuff that I shoot, the video was put on a hard drive in a closet and basically forgotten about.

A couple months ago, my friend and 11Alive reporter Doug Richards contacted me because he was working on a story about Chuck on the road with the Rolling Stones for the band’s 50th anniversary tour. Doug remembered me mentioning the infamous cowbell performance a couple years before and wondered whether he could use this footage in his story.  I said it was fine with me, as long as he cleared the use of it with both Chuck and Sonny, which he did.  This past week, Doug’s story aired, and, as you can tell, the Perdue angle was a big part of it. So, for those that might be interested, here is the entirety of the “Honky Tonk Women” video with Gov. Perdue’s cowbell accompaniment in full effect.


One Response to “Chuck Leavell performs “Honky Tonk Women” with Gov. Sonny Perdue on cowbell”

  1. Terry Kearns (@terrykearns) Says:

    Hooray, Downhome has surfaced!

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