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MARBL’s Randy Gue discusses 1878 and 1928 Atlanta maps

August 30, 2012

As I mentioned in a previous post, Emory’s MARBL is providing online access to a variety of historical maps of Atlanta.  In addition, the Digital Scholarship Commons at Emory is working to produce an interactive map of 1930 Atlanta that will allow any type of data to be plotted, including the name, race, and gender of homeowners and detailed information about infrastructure at specific points, like whether a specific property had access to running water and electricity.  As the project site states, “this combination of GIS technology and unique datasets will change the way Jim Crow Atlanta is studied.”

In this video, MARBL curator Randy Gue discusses maps of Atlanta from 1878 and 1928 and how Emory is providing online access to these maps and beginning to build out the interactive map of 1930 Atlanta.


Dr. Ron Schuchard discusses unique Yeats volume from Emory’s MARBL collection

April 23, 2012

Kirk West and the Allman Brothers archive

July 9, 2009

A couple years ago I produced a short documentary about music archives and archivists. The following segment, which focuses on Kirk West and the Allman Brothers archive in Macon, was the first part of that film.

Thanks to Hibbotte for major production assistance with this piece.