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Vic Chesnutt and Panic in Dave Schools’s basement

August 5, 2009

In September 2000 the Hanson brothers asked me to come to Athens to help shoot a segment for their documentary The Earth Will Swallow You about the rock band Widespread Panic.  I was happy to do so because the shoot featured Vic Chesnutt, who has collaborated with members of Panic for a couple of records under the name brute.  I brought my 16mm camera and shot some little fragments of the guys playing and hanging out.  I didn’t think the Hansons would use much of what I shot because it was raw and they had the action covered with a bunch of DV cams, but my footage ended up comprising a big chunk of the Vic Chesnutt segment.

For what it’s worth, there’s a really great documentary called Speed Racer that documents the early part of Chesnutt’s career, and it looks like this film will soon be released on DVD.