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Rail Removal for Atlanta’s Beltline Project

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!  2010 is an exciting year for Atlantans because it’s when the Beltline path will finally become a reality.  In the past month, Norfolk Southern crews have been removing old railroad lines along the Northeast corridor of the Beltline.  The rail removal will continue in the Southwest corridor in the coming months and then a temporary mulch path will established.  In another year or two, a permanent concrete path will be installed, connecting the forty-five neighborhoods along the Beltline.  In five or ten years, a two-way light rail line will complement the path.

In this segment, Beltline volunteer Angel Poventud discusses the rail removal, the Beltline vision, and why it matters so much to intown Atlantans.  If you’d like, the video can be viewed in a larger size here.