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Dr. Bethune Workman discusses the modern workplace, part 1

November 26, 2011

After a long year of delivering history lectures on Mississippi riverboats, Dr. Bethune Workman has returned to Atlanta to launch a ten part video series about the intricacies of the modern workplace.


Driving with the Doctor #1

August 28, 2009

The esteemed Dr. Bethune Workman takes us on a driving tour from Midtown to Downtown.

Dr. Bethune Workman discusses the 1895 Cotton States Exposition

May 21, 2009

In this segment, the esteemed Dr. Bethune Workman, expert on all things seen and unseen, discusses the Cotton States and International Exposition, held in Piedmont Park in 1895.  During our filming, we met a man who was fishing on Clara Meer Lake, which was specifically built for the 1895 exposition.  This man played some good blues for us, and, as we got up to leave, we realized that the good Doctor had sat on his fishing hook.