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Ricky Keller conducts the Zambiland Orchestra, December 2000

June 3, 2010

Several decades ago Col. Bruce Hampton created a bizarre cult of personality around an unassuming dude from Florida named Joe Zambie.  This included the creation of a concert extravaganza called Zambiland, which began in Colorado and then migrated to Atlanta in the late 90s.  Zambiland often devolved into jamband noodling but, at its best, was inspired and hilarious lunacy.  The “conductor” of the Zambiland orchestra was Ricky Keller, a great musician, producer and all-around guy who unfortunately passed away in 2003.  I videotaped some of the Zambiland shows (along with Hibbotte) and here is a snippet of Ricky conducting the orchestra in December 2000.